MATH 1: Research

About the Course

This course, co-taught by lab mentors (1+ senior, 1+ junior and 1+ novice), focuses on a number (1+) of unsolved problems in mathematics (naturally, with time for brainstorming).

In the course of your research, you may choose to:

  • work independently or in groups (of 1+), and
  • join particular labs (e.g. Knots Lab, etc.) and groups (e.g. the Goldbach Conjecture Group, etc.).

Youth and teens (<= 19-years-old) and pre-college and adult groups (>= 14-years-old) are separate.

Communication is by multi-media blogs, wikis and shared documents.

Each session is ~ 1 year (with 4 1-week breaks); students may join at any time. The time commitment is approximately equivalent to a 1/1.3-unit college course.


The tuition is $1800 per session.

Extended payment plan options are available.

How to Apply

Please contact us.