MATH 1: Research

About the Course

This course, taught by lab mentors (1+ senior, 1+ junior and 1+ apprentice), focuses on a number (1+) of unsolved problems in mathematics (naturally, with time for brainstorming).

Students' course work may be directed or non-directed and independent or in groups (of 1+); and students may choose to join particular labs (e.g. Knots Lab, etc.) and groups (e.g. the Goldbach Conjecture Group, etc.).

Eligible students (e.g. in our Prime Numbers Lab, etc.) may have an account and shared resources on a computer (possibly a supercomputer) to aid their course-related studies (e.g. of the primes, etc.).

Youth and teens (<= 19-years-old) and adult (>= 16-years-old) groups are separate.

Communication is by multi-media blogs, wikis and shared documents.

Each session is ~12-weeks (with a 1-week break) - the timing is semi-flexible (limited to 36-weeks); students may join at any time. The time commitment is approximately equivalent to a 1/1.3-unit college course.


The tuition is $1750 per session.

K-12/Group discounts and payment plan options are available.

How to Apply

Please contact us.